Focusing Research for Concept Paper

* Keep careful records of the author, title, publication information, page numbers, and other required information for each source. MLA citation is used for all Works Cited pages.

* Research to find answers to the following questions:
-What is the definition of the concept?
-What is this concept similar to, and what is it very different from?
-What parts can this concept be divided into?
-What is the process for this concept?
-What are the causes or effects of this concept?
-What examples or anecdotes make the concept memorable?

* Visual elements--tables, graphs, drawings, photographs--are not required, but they may help make your explanation clearer.

* Define purpose for your readers by answering these questions:
-Are your readers familiar with the concept?
-If readers have misconceptions about the concept, how will you
correct them?
-Is your concept engaging enough to grab interest?
-Is it important that readers see the information as relevant to
their lives?

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