Course Description/Expectations


Home Repair, grades 10-12. 1 semester, ½ credit

This is a hands on course, where you will learn the basics of carpentry, sheetrock and wall finishing, residential electrical wiring, and residential plumbing. This course will prepare you to take care of your future home, by teaching you basic repair skills that you can use to maintain your own home, as well as expose you to some profitable career choices for the future.

Essential Standards:

  1. Plan, build, and maintain an AFNR structure
  2. Follow architectural and mechanical plans to construct, maintain, and/or repair AFNR structures.
  3. Compare and contrast the characteristics of materials used in plumbing and water systems.
  4. Apply sheetrock and prepare a wall for finishing.
  5. Apply electrical principles in AFNR structures.
  6. Compare and contrast direct and alternating current.
  7. Distinguish electrical circuits and the components of each.
  8. Install and/or repair electrical fixtures following appropriate codes and standards.
  9. Plan and wire electrical circuits.
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