What happens if my child doesn't qualify for services?

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If your child's developmental scores on the standardized test are not -1.50 Standard Deviations (1 area for birth thru 2 years, 2 areas for 3 thru 6 years), then the parents should enroll their child in the Follow Along Program.


How Does the Follow Along Program Work?

    • An early childhood professional, most often a nurse, may visit with you (in person or over the phone) to tell you more about the program and find out more about your child.
    • Questionnaires are sent to you when your child reaches different ages such as 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 30, and 36 months old. Each questionnaire asks how your child is growing, playing, talking, moving, and acting. (Click here to see an example questionnaire.)
    • Handouts with fun activities for you to do with your child are also sent to you.
    • The results of the questionnaires will be shared with you. If there are any concerns, a nurse or other professional from the program will get in touch with you. Together, you can talk about choices for further evaluation or early help services.
    • When your child is 36 months old, you will get information about the next step, Early Childhood Screening.