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Mrs. Kronlokken

Mrs. Kronlokken

Mrs. Novotny

Mrs. Novotny

Ms. Swanson

Mrs. Elfering

Mrs. Kronlokken

  • My name is Mrs. Kronlokken.  Each year I experience a great group of students and love to work with them. Teaching is a very fulfilling job!

    My expectations for my students are to be respectful, responsible, gain independence and self-control. Every week, a spelling list will come home. Spelling is to be practiced every night as well as read for at least 15 minutes. Reading and Math homework will be on colored paper (usually blue).  

    Also, please check your child's folder every day. We like to keep an organized desk and papers must go home. We are continuing the "Friday folders" so important information will be included there.

    My goal is to use this web page to let parents know what is happening in 1st grade. Stay tuned....

    Scholastic Online Ordering

    You can participate in the Scholastic Book Clubs online. Click the link below to order books online for your child using your credit card. The books will be delivered to the school and will be sent home with your child. With each order, points will be earned to help purchase more books for the classroom.

    Class Activation Code: J29FC

    Click on the link below to access Scholastic Book Club:



Mrs. Novotny

  • Hello First Grade Families!

    My  name is Mrs. Novotny and I will be your child's first grade teacher this year!  This is my fourth year teaching first grade at RCW.  I graduated from RCW in 2011 and I am so excited to be part of the district!  I received my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education at Southwest Minnesota State University.  My husband Trent and I live in Renville with our 1 1/2 year old son, Watson.  Outside of teaching, I enjoy being around my family and friends. I also enjoy spending time at the lake and going for walks.  I am excited to work with you all this year!  Your child will grow and learn so much in First Grade!

    You may choose to participate in the Scholastic Book Clubs online.  Click the link below to order books online for your child using a credit card.  The books will be delivered to school and will be sent home with  your child.  With each order, points will be earned to help purchase books for our classroom!

    Class Code: THXY7

    Click the link below to access Scholasitc Book Club


Ms. Swanson

  • Welcome to first grade!


  • First Grade Essential Reading Standards (found on report card)

    I can....

    • Write the alphabet

    • recognize letters and their sounds

    • read and retain sight words

    • use phonetic skills to decode words

    • use comprehension strategies

    • read aloud fluently

    • write sentences using own ideas

    • write sentences using correct punctuation and capitalization

    • spells assigned words correctly

    • applies spelling in writing

    • writes legibly and spaces words well 

  • First Grade Essential Math Standards (found on report card)

    I can....

    • understand and apply place value for numbers 10-100

    • read, write, and represent numbers up to 120

    • count forward and backwards from a given number up to 120

    • find 10 more or 10 less than a given number

    • compares and orders numbers up to 100

    • use words to describe the relative size of numbers (more, less than, equal to)

    • creates and analyzes bar graphs and tally charts using counting and comparison skills

    • use manipulatives to model and solve addition and subtraction problems

    • can compose and decompose numbers up to 12, with emphasis on 10

    • skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's

    • describes 2D and 3D objects

    • Identifies the rule and can create simple patterns

    • use basic acts to represent story problems in a number sentence form

    • use number sense to state if equations are True or False

    • Identifies missing numbers in equations

    • tells, writes, and shows time to hour and half hour

    • identifies coins (penny, nickel, dime) and value combinations up to $1.00

  • Math Topics 

    Topic 1: Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems to 10

    Topic 2: Develop Fluency: Addition and Subtraction Facts within 10

    Topic 3: Addition Facts to 20: Use Strategies

    Topic 4: Subtraction Facts to 20: Use Strategies

    Topic 5: Work with Addition and Subraction Equations

    Topic 6: Represent and Interpret Data

    Topic 7: Extend the Counting Sequence

    Topic 8: Understand Place Value

    Topic 9: Compare Two-Digit Numbers

    Topic 10: Use Models and Strategies to Add with Tens and Ones

    Topic 11: Use Models and Strategies to Subtract Tens

    Topic 12: Measure Lengths

    Topic 13: Time

    Topic 14: Reason with Shapes and Their Attributes

    Topic 15: Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles

    Topic 15: Step Up to Grade 2


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