Meet the Teacher

Phone: 320-329-8368 ext 1214


Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary 1-6 Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. P. Freiborg

A little about myself...

I am Mrs. Pam Freiborg.I was born in Olivia, MN and grew up in Danube, MN. I am a graduate of Danube High School, Willmar Community College and St. Cloud State University. I began my teaching career at Danube in 1982 and was hired as a full time teacher in 1988. In my many years with the District I have taught many different grade levels, a variety of subjects/classes and in three different buildings: Danube, Sacred Heart and now Renville.

My husband, Jody and 1 daughter


Outside of School:
I enjoy watching sports
Family vacations
Spending time with family and friends
Taking pictures and scrapbooking
Learning new things


Classes I Teach:
6th Grade Social Studies: Minnesota History
7th Grade Social Studies: Citizenship, Geography, History
8th Grade Social Studies: Global Studies


  • Welcome to Middle School Social Studies. I teach all the Social Studies to 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade students. My expectations for all of my classes are the same.
    • Show respect for yourself, classmates, paraprofessionals, and teacher.
    • Come to class on time.
    • Come to class prepared; iPad, pencil or pen, folder, notebook, and completed assignments.
    • All assignments should be handed in on time, most will be due the next day.
    • Follow classroom rules.
  • Schedule

    Period 1    8:30-9:16   6th Grade Social Studies

    Period 2    9:19-10:05   8th Grade Social Studies

    Period 3    10:08-10:54 7th Social Studies

          10:58 - 11:20 Lunch

    Period 4    11:20-12:05  Prep

    Period 5    12:09-12:55 8th Grade Social Studies

    Period 6    12:58-1:44  Prep

    Period 7    1:47-2:33   7th Grade Social Studies

    Period 8.   2:36-3:22   6th Grade Social Studies