Welcome To Renville County West

  • Superintendent Froke

    Welcome to the Renville County West School’s website!  It is our hope that you will access this site for up to date information regarding activities taking place at our school.  We have certainly discovered over the past few months the impact that electronic communications has on our education system.  We now operate in uncertain, ever changing, and challenging times where real time information is critical for all parties associated with the Renville County School District.  We hope this website will satisfy your quest for timely information as you encounter situations with your child’s education. 

    Please know too, that our website serves as a warehouse that holds important school data regarding staff contact information, classroom activities, extra curricular activity schedules, school board agendas, and school board member contact information.  We’ve tried to format the site so school information is easily accessible.  

    We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.  Please know too, that you can find real time information on the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by searching for “RCW Schools.”   Thanks for visiting us at our RCW website!   Go Jaguars!

    Doug Froke