• Welcome to the RCW Logo Page

    Renville County West Schools ISD #2890 approved logos are available for use. When using a logo please ensure that you download and use the appropriate file.

    Do not stretch, condense or distort the logos in anyway. To resize ensure that you are proportionately doing so while maintaining the integrity of the file resolution. 

  • Main Logo:

    RCW Jaguar Main Logo                            RCW Main Logo Blue background

  • Paw Logo:

    PNG Paw         PNG Paw Yellow background       Paw on Navy

  • Department Variations:
    Font provided can be used to customize by group, club, team, or department as needed. Please follow guidelines and keep sub-headlines center and withing the bounds of "RCW" as best as possible.

    RCW Elementary     RCW Community Ed          RCW FFA

  • Text without Icon:
    Acceptable to use "RCW" and sub-headline without the Jaguar icon.

    RCW Jaguars

  • Letterform by Itself:
    Acceptable to use "RCW" without taglines.