• Preschool students in Skills for School will be learning from Splash into Pre K curriculum.  Splash into Pre K is a curriculum that aligns with Renville County West's K-6 Reading Curriculum.  Splash into Pre K have comprehensive lessons and high-interest activties that engage children and meets developmentally learning goals.  The curriculum places emphasis on a set of foundational skills that predict sucess in kindergarten.  Children will be assessed using the Early Growth Indicators Bechmark Assessment.  The key learning areas include: oral language, phonological awareness, comprehension, and letter recognition and number sense and counting.

    Also, the Early Learning Second Step Curriculum is taught throughout the school year.  It's knowing how to learn and get along with others.  The Second Step program teaches skills in the following areas: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, Friendship Skills and Problem Solving.