Bright Beginings class is designed to create a life-long love of learning.  Through daily hands-on experiences and "learning through play" the children gain experiences to enhance their learning and development.  The Bright Beginnings' classroom enriches the development of social, emotional, fine motor, gross motor, sensory, cognitive, science discovery, and creative arts skills.  Children are exposed to writing and literacy concepts and engage in activties that are developmentally appropriate.

     Teacher Becky aims to make every day fun and engaging.  Through hands-on experiences, we learn using our senses about the world around us.  Early Childhood is an exciting time because learning happens naturally across many domains while exploring different tasks.  Our classroom is fun! Learning occurs at the child's rate and in a way that interests them.  Children will enjoy participating in a variety of activties offered daily-story time, music and movement, math/cognitive, discovery & sensory, creative art, and motor development.  Language and literacy skills are fostered in all activties. 





    How you can help at home:  

        *Give your child scissors, paper, newspaper, magazines and have him or her cut.

        * Give your child a writing tool and have him or her write their first name.