Click here to download snow day sheet.  



    snow   SNOW DAY TO DO snow

    Pick at least 3 of the activities from above to complete if we have a "tech" day because of winter weather. Enjoy! 

    Send a note to school briefly explaining what activities your child chose to do.


    ♦ Go outside and play in the snow. Make footprints in the snow and count how many you made. Write your name in the snow.

    ♦ Find a calendar and talk about the date. What month? What day? Do exercises for the date. (ex. if it is Feb. 7th do 7 jumping jacks)

    ♦ Write A-Z in order. Try to do both uppercase and lowercase letters.

    ♦ Count as high as you can!

    ♦ Write your name the best you can. Use different things to write (ex. crayon, marker, highlighter, pen, pencil etc.)

    ♦ Draw a picture of something you see.

    ♦ Get paper and something to write with and copy words you see around your house.

    ♦ Listen to a story. Talk about what happened in the story and who was in the story.

    ♦ Count things you see around your house (ex. doors, windows, cups, books etc.)