RCW Activities Department Mission Statement

  • The Renville County West Activities Department promotes the values of relationships, ownership, achievement, and respect. We feel if these values are taught and modeled within the RCW Activities Department, our students will be able to be successful in the classroom and the activities they are involved in. In addition, they will learn life long lessons and build confidence and pride in themselves and the community.

    #HeartheRoar   #FeeltheRoar    #BetheRoar

    R: Relationships-
    There is strength in numbers.  Relationships create strength and strength helps us to persevere through challenging times. At RCW we believe that building positive relationships is a key part to being successful.  Every day in life we interact with people and it is vital to have people in our lives that we can count on, or that can count on us.

    O: Ownership- 
    Ownership goes beyond possessions.  We own our choices, our actions, and the resulting impact of them. Whether our attempts are successes or failures, we own them.  We also own our responses to things that we face. Individuals can only control their own actions, and when we own those actions, we will become more informed and accountable.  Mistakes will happen, and when we own our mistakes, we can learn from them and move past them stronger and smarter than before we made them.  We also own our successes; this is very important to note.  It is fine for people to be proud of their achievements and celebrate them.  Having positive relationships in our lives makes it easier to own our success and failures.

    A: Achievement
    Seeking success. We want our students to have goals and develop plans to achieve them.  Achievement and Success do not just appear because we want it to, we need WORK for it.  We want our student/athletes to constantly look for ways to get better, and never quit on their goals.  Achieving our goals, without owning our choices and having positive relationships in our lives is false achievement. Reaching small goals can contribute to achieving larger goals. Together, everyone achieves more and knowing that, the more we achieve, the better we are as a whole.

    R: Respect
    Respect of ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners. Laurence Sterne

    If there is one thing we want our students to find during their time as an RCW student, it is RESPECT. School is a place where students find themselves and make a name for themselves. We want our students first, to respect themselves, but also to have respect for anyone they meet.  Demonstrating respect and earning the respect of others contributes to achievement. It can also be a powerful thing for a person’s overall well-being.  Respect will come to any RCW student who has positive relationships, owns their successes and failures, and strives to achieve their goals. 

    Activities Director:
    Derik Johnson
    (320)329-8368 ext. 1024
    Fax (320)329-8191