8:25-8:35am Arrval/Sign In/Welcome/Bathroom Break

    8:35-8:40am Calendar and Weather

    8:40-9:00am Breakfast

    9:00-9:15am  Large Group (Social-Emotional lesson)

    9:15-10:00am Free Play Learning Centers/Art

    10:00-10:10am Clean up/wash hands

    10:25 Large Group & Music and Movement

              Bathroom break

    10:50-11:20am Lunch

    11:20-11:30am Bathroom Break/Wash hands

    11:30-11:45am Large Group (academic lesson)

    11:45-12:40pm Small Group Learning Centers

    12:45-1:10pm Recess

    1:10-1:20pm Bathroom Break/Wash hands

    1:20-1:40pm Movie/Snack time

    1:40-2:20pm Relaxation Time

    2:20-2:40pm Small Group Activity

    3:00pm 1st Bus

    3:10pm Walk Outside for Dissmissal

    3:25pm Final Bus Leaves


    *Schedule subject to change.