• Exploring Ag 9 introduces students to the welding shop. This is a quarter class, where they learn the basics of being safe in the shop, as well as basic ARC, MIG, and Oxy welding. 

    This is a hands on class, students should plan on possibly getting dirty. It is recommended for students to bring older clothes they can put on top of their good clothes, so they don't burn holes in their clothes.

    Students need to bring with them long jeans (no holes or frayed edges). closed toe shoes (preferably leather), and a long sleeved shirt (sweatshirts work best).

    Safety equipment such as glasses, gloves, and helmets will be provided by the school. Students may bring their own in if they choose, school is not responsible for their personal equipment.

    Essential Standards:

    Essential Standards:

    1. Apply physical science principals and engineering applications to solve problems and improve performance in AFNR power, structural and technical systems.
    2. Compare and contrast the principles and procedures of different welding and cutting processes (e.g. SMAW,GMAW,GTAW, fuel-oxygen and plasma arc torch.
    3. Analyze the situation and determine the best welding and cutting process to be used in metal fabrication.
    4. Evaluate the quality of metal fabrication procedures (eg SMAW,GMAW,GTAW, fuel oxygen and plasma arch torch)
    5. Apply safety principles and regulations to operate equipment, and machinery used in AFNR technical systems.
    6. Adjust equipment for safe and efficient operation in AFNR technical systems.