• Woods and Manufacturing, grades 10-12, 1 semester, ½ credit

    This class is an introductory wood working class. You will learn the basics of cabinetry, how to design and build a cabinet type project of your own choosing. We will cover how to plan and design a cabinetry project, as well as how to identify the equipment needed for various projects and how to run that equipment safely. First year students will build a night stand, while 2nd and 3rd year students will be allowed to build a cabinet type project of their own choosing. All students will be responsible to pay for their wood material, while the school will supply machinery, glue and finish for 1st year students. 2nd year students will be responsible for their material, hardware, stain and varnish.


    Essential Standards:

    1. Students will be able to safely and correctly run and set up the following stationary equipment; Table Saw, Band Saw, Planer, Jointer, Drill Press, Sanders, Panel Saw, Scroll Saw, Lathe
    2. Students will be able to safely and correctly run the following portable equipment; Router, Sanders, Circular Saw, Drills, Nail Gun
    3. Students will be able to use the following techniques of cabinetry to create and trim a cabinetry project of their own choosing; Dados, Rabits, Dowels, Miters, Mortise and Tennon