• Welding, grades 10-12, 1 semester, ½ credit

    This is a hands course that will teach you the basics of a welding operation. Students will learn though hands on instruction how to weld using arc, wire feed, oxy acetylene, and potentially TIG welding, as well as cutting using a oxy torch or plasma cutter, and the CNC plasma machine. Students will also have classroom instruction on welding safety and welding theory, as well as how to read welding blue prints. As said before, this is very much a hands on course, and all students will be expected to be working in the shop.

    Essential Standards:

    1. Apply physical science principals and engineering applications to solve problems and improve performance in AFNR power, structural and technical systems.
    2. Compare and contrast the principles and procedures of different welding and cutting processes (e.g. SMAW,GMAW,GTAW, fuel-oxygen and plasma arc torch.
    3. Analyze the situation and determine the best welding and cutting process to be used in metal fabrication.
    4. Evaluate the quality of metal fabrication procedures (eg SMAW,GMAW,GTAW, fuel oxygen and plasma arch torch)
    5. Construct and or repair metal structures and equipment using metal fabrication procedures.

    6 Operate and maintain AFNR mechanical equipment and power structures.

    1. Operate machinery and equipment while observing all safety precautions in AFNR settings
    2. Apply safety principles and regulations to operate equipment, and machinery used in AFNR technical systems.
    3. Adjust equipment for safe and efficient operation in AFNR technical systems.
    4. Create sketches and plans for AFNR structures.
    5. Interpret and explain the meaning of symbols used in welding sketches of agricultural structures.
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