• Chemistry is the study of matter and its changes. We start with atoms and move on to bonding, reactions, solutions, acid/base chemistry, and reaction rates.

Physical Science

  • We are studying basic principles of physics and chemistry. We begin with physics (motion, force, heat, sound, light), and end with chemistry (atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, periodic table).


  • Physics is the study of the interactions of energy and matter. This course delves into Newtonian mechanics (force, acceleration, velocity) waves, and electricity. Our lab work is done with the use of computer interface equipment so we can spend our time with data analysis. The Modeling Instruction curriculum is used which centers on student engagment. This course requires students to be active thinkers and learners.


  • Biology is the study of living things, their interactions with their environment and each other, and their internal workings. Units in experimental design. ecology, cells, genetics, DNA, evolution, and diversity are studied. A state test is required at the end of this course. The Modeling Biology curriculum is used, which requires students to be actively engaged in their thinking and learning.