• Standards Based Grading

    1. All lessons and assessments will be based on the standards and extra credit is not given at any time.
    2. Summative assessments are weighted at 85%, presummative assessments are weighted at 10% and practices are weighted at 5%.
    3. Students will be allowed multiple and differentiated opportunities to practice and demonstrate their understanding of classroom standards through various assessments.
    4. Retakes of summative assessments will be allowed, however, this will be at the discretion of the teacher. For instance, a retake would only be permitted if the student have completed all practices and presummative assessments to a satisfactory standard.
    5. Students are expected to initiate the revision/retake process with teachers within a timely manner. A two-week window being the current time frame.

    In the Standards Based Grading Process, Rubrics will be used to accurately describe the level of understanding and learning that each student is demonstrating. 

    Grading Rubric:
    4: Demonstrates thorough understanding of  course  or grade level standard.

    3.5: Demonstrates understanding of  most of course  or  grade level  standard.

    3: Demonstrates a developing understanding of  course  or grade level standard.

    2: Demonstrates partial understanding of  course  or grade level standard.

    1: Demonstrates minimal understanding of  course or grade level standard.

    The  individual  scores  a  student  receives  based  on the  Grading Rubric  Criteria  will  be  averaged,  as  has been  done  historically  at  RCW, to figure  out  a total  percentage.