• Course Description/Expectations

    8th Grade Ag 8th grade, quarter class, ¼ credit

    This is a quarter class that will introduce you to drafting. Drafting is a very important skill to master and the first step to building a project. Most drafting today in industry is done by computer, but it is based on basic hand drafting techniques. Therefore, hand drafting is still taught in schools at all levels as an introduction. Students will learn what drafting is, why and where it is used, as well as complete 18 basic drafting assignments converting 3D drawings to a front, side, and top 2D view, as well as working from 2d to 3D.

    Essential Standards:

    1.Students will learn the basic equipment needed for hand drafting.

    2.Students will learn the correct way to use the drafting equipment.

    3.Students will be able to determine from a isometric drawing the top, front, and side of an object.

    4.Students will be able to properly set up a 2D drawing.

    5.Students will be able to create a 2D drawing of the top, front, and side of a isometric drawing

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