Small Gas Engines

  • This course is a hands on course that teaches the students the basics of 2 and 4 stroke engine theory, the basic parts of a engine, and how those basic parts work togethor to make an engine run. Students will take apart 1 OHV Briggs engine, 1 OHC Honda engine, plus students will also be given different engines that have problems, and they will have to diagnose the problem  and explain how to fix it.

    SGE Essesntial Standards

    1. Identify four and two stroke cycle operating principles
    2. Identify basic small engine parts.
    3. Demonstrate proper shop techniques and safety.
    4. Demonstrate engine diagnoses/troubleshooting.
    5. Demonstrate manufacturer’s engine identification system in order to obtain correct service information.
    6. Disassemble and reassemble a small four cycle engine.